Sell Your House Faster With an Open House

If you’re placing your home on the market, putting together an open house may assist in moving it quicker. This can generate the necessary visibility when you place your home on the market. This is a buyers market so an open house may attract a lot of attention. When folks are dropping by at all times and days of the week it can be stressful, but hang in there and keep it tidy. Prospective buyers want to see it clean.

When you advertise your open house, you can guarantee people will be stopping by. You should accommodate them by setting specific hours your house is available for viewing. I also recommend offering refreshments to your visitors. They will welcome the hospitality.

Open houses are typically organized by your real estate agent because they usually have a few to orchestrate at once. However, you can hold your own open house if your home is “for sale by owner” or maybe your simply assisting your agent to increase the likelihood for a faster sale. Either way you can facilitate or assist with the advertising to ensure a hefty turnout.

There are numerous low cost options for promoting your open house. Small classified ads and flyers are excellent for advertising. Be sure to include details that will interest potential buyers. If the prospect is viewing multiple homes in one day you want to make sure they have key points in mind that initially generated the interest.

Make yourself or your agent available during all open house hours. Your potential buyers have questions and you need to be present to answer them. The buyer may simply need a nudge with info to make an offer. You’re not just selling, they’re buying.

An open house may also entice people to make a quicker offer. They’re viewing the home with other buyers and their reactions may be the ticket to get an offer on the table. A buyer may like the house you’re selling, but if they suspect someone is going to buy it they may decide they must have it.

Planning an effective open house doesn’t have to be stressful. Planning in advance will help you put together an event that will fill your home with buyers and they will have a pleasant experience viewing your home. The small financial investment you make for advertising and refreshments will easily pay for your time and trouble. If you’re looking for buyers, hosting an open house can be a sure ticket for drawing them in. We typically all want what we can’t have and placing multiple buyers in one room to discuss the things they like about your home is usually a win-win situation for you – the seller.

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Fishing House

My husband and I bought a little finishing house in Colorado as our little escape from the heat in Phoenix during the hot summer days. The house is located outside Durango at the lake; our closest neighbor is miles away from us and the closest grocery store is 45 minutes away. Since we both have crazy work schedules back in Phoenix, we wanted our summer home to be some kind of our gate away from the people and civilization.

As we do not have anything to cover the little boat that belongs to the property, and our garage is not ready yet, my husband – a retired military officer, came up with the idea of purchasing a camouflage netting; you know, the one the military use for their training purposes. In the beginning I did not think about it as a good idea because all I could picture was a piece of fabric on the top of our little boat; however, when my husband unpacked the camouflage netting and placed it over the little boat I was surprised how the boat blended in in the natural environment of bushes and trees! From the distance you would not be able to notice the boat and the effect was not bad!

We bought more camo nettings just in case we will need more in our little summer house.  I was impressed; the fabric was made very well and the colors were almost identical to the trees on our property. The extra ones we bought are still unpacked and we keep them in the storage room outside the house; my husband advised me that noting bad will happen to it because the fabric will work well in both cold and warm temperature.

I recently advised my girlfriend to purchase one for herself in case she needs to cover something up, as she also owns a little summer house in Colorado. I think the camo nettings are great and quite cheap as you can use them and re-use them for many seasons and purposes.

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Beach House Decor

Most people love the beach, which is probably one of the reasons why beach house decor is so popular. Whenever you decorate your house in this manner, you will see significant results, as this type of look can completely change the way that your house is perceived. Many different things can be added to your house to achieve this look, so make sure that you take the time to explore all of the beach art that is available. Decorating your home does not have to become a chore when you have these types of items from which to choose. You can be creative or have a look completely designed for you, depending on how you feel about the home decoration process.

The home renovation process scares off many people, as they cannot see the big picture. These individuals tend to look at how much work everything will take to be done, rather than breaking things down piece-by-piece and looking at the gradual results. By breaking things down into smaller tasks, you will begin to see results almost immediately, which will help with the process as a whole. One of these tasks, of course, could be to fill your home with beach house decor, as this will change the look of the interior of your house significantly and will allow immediate results to be shown.

Once you have an idea of the beach art that you want to include in your home, you can begin with the next stage of the decoration process. The beach house decor that you choose can be implemented immediately and those who see it will certainly enjoy what you have done. Make sure that you ask around whenever you see something that you like, as many businesses will have this beach art present. Once you have located the exact items that you want, you can begin purchasing them. Keep in mind that you may have to visit a number of different locations before you can come up with the exact look that you want, but it will all be worth it in the end.

The main reason why you would purchase beach decor is to make your home look better, without having to spend too much money. This furniture and beach art can usually be found for great prices and it will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The coastal look that you will achieve is something that every visitor will notice and most will appreciate thoroughly. Many people will put shells and things of that ilk around their homes when they go for this look, so make sure that you explore those items if that is what you are looking to do.

You might even find some beach themed paintings in your search, which will add to your beach house decor greatly. These paintings can usually be found for low prices, especially if you purchase them from an unknown local artist. Many online retailers now sell this beach art as well, so it has never been easier to go with this look inside your home.

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House Dust Mite


The body of a house dust mite is just visible against a dark background in normal light. A typical house dust mite measures 420 micrometers in length and 250320 micrometres (0.00980.013 in) in width. Both male and female adult house dust mites are creamy blue and have a rectangular shape. The body of the house dust mite also contains a striated cuticle. Like all acari, house dust mites have eight legs (except 3 pairs in the first instar). Dust mites can be transported in dust bunnies or by minor air currents generated from normal household activities[verification needed].

Life cycle

The average life cycle for a male house dust mite is 10 to 19 days. A mated female house dust mite can live for 70 days, laying 60 to 100 eggs in the last 5 weeks of her life. In a 10 week life span, a house dust mite will produce approximately 2000 fecal particles and an even larger number of partially digested enzyme-covered dust particles.

Habitat and food

The house dust mite survives in all climates, even at high altitude. A person sheds about 1.5 grams of skin cells and flakes every day (approximately 0.30.45 kg per year), which is enough to feed roughly a million house dust mites under ideal conditions.[verification needed] If trying to control house dust mites, humidity should be kept low. House dust mites thrive in the indoor environment provided by homes, specifically in bedrooms and kitchens. Dust mites survive well in mattresses, carpets, furniture and bedding, with figures around 188 animals/g dust. Even in dry climates, house dust mites survive and reproduce easily in bedding (especially in pillows), deriving moisture from the humidity generated by human breathing, perspiration, and saliva.

House dust mites consume minute particles of organic matter. Like all acari, house dust mites have a simple gut; they have no stomach but rather diverticulae, which are sacs or pouches that divert out of hollow organs. Like many decomposer animals, they select food that has been pre-decomposed by fungi. House dust mites eat the same particle several times, only partially digesting it each time; between feedings, house dust mites leave particles to decompose further. Only when the particles are fully digested do they enter the dust mite’s fecal matter.[verification needed]

Asthma and allergies

Main articles: Asthma and Allergy

Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. A safety and tolerability clinical trial (Phase IIa) has been completed with positive results by Cytos Biotechnology using an immunotherapeutic (CYT003-QbG10) for treatment of house dust mite-triggered allergies.

Some main signs of house dust mite allergies are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected eczema, watering/reddening eyes, runny nose and clogging in the lungs.

Avoidance of dust mites and their allergens is the best course of action for those with dust mite allergies. The use of bedding that acts as a barrier to the dust mite and its allergens is a good first step. The bedding should also be breathable and be able to withstand frequent washing. However, a home allergen reduction plan has been recognized as being an essential part to the management of asthma symptoms. and therefore all aspects of the home environment should be considered (proper vacuuming, use of air cleaners, off-gassing from paint and cleaning products, etc). The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as well as the Asthma Society of Canada certify products that may be used in a home allergen reduction plan in a Program called Asthma and Allergy Friendly.

Most people who have dust mite allergy sneeze when they wake up in the morning. They will generally feel better as they go out of their rooms, then at night when they sleep, the cycle repeats again. This can cause the allergy to be chronic and long lasting. To determine the concentration of dust mites the Acarex Test is performed.[verification needed]

Myths and misconceptions

It is commonly believed that the accumulated detritus from dust mites can add significantly to the weight of mattresses and pillows. While it is true that the fecal matter of dust mites will increase over time, there is no scientific evidence for these claims.

Allergy and asthma sufferers are also often advised to avoid feather pillows due to the presumed increased presence of the house dust mite allergen (Der p I). The reverse, however, is true. A 1996 study from the British Medical Journal has shown that polyester fibre pillows contained more than 8 times the total weight of Der p I and 3.57 times more micrograms of Der p I per gram of fine dust than feather pillows.


Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate powder is often used to eradicate house dust mites.

A simple washing will remove most of the waste matter. Exposure to temperatures over 60 C (140 F) for a period of one hour or freezing, exposure to temperatures below 0 C (32 F), will typically prove fatal to house dust mites; a relative humidity less than 50 percent may also be fatal. Ten minutes in a household clothes dryer at lethal temperatures has been shown to be sufficient to kill all the dust mites in bedding. House dust mites reproduce quickly enough that their effect on human health can be significant.



^ Shah, Shireen. “Alleviate Allergies Naturally.” Greeniacs

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^ Kemp, TJ (October 12 1996). “House dust mite allergen in pillows”. British Medical Journal (united Kingdom: British Medical Association) 313 (7062): 916919. “For many years asthmatic patients have been told to avoid using feather filled pillows on their beds, although there is no evidence to support this practice. Strachan and Carey’s case-control study is the first to have directly challenged this assumption.1 This study showed that, after exclusion of asthmatic subjects whose bedding had been changed because of their disease, pillows with synthetic fillings were a risk factor for severe asthma. In the light of this finding, we have compared pillows with synthetic and feather fillings for their content of Der p I, the major allergen of the house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus.”. 

^ Codina, R.; RF Lockley, R Diwadkar, LL Mobly, S Godfrey (2003). “Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT) application and vacuum cleaning, a combined strategy to control house dust mites”. Allergy. Retrieved May 27, 2009. 

^ “Dust Mites, Do they do any good in the world?”. 

^ “Hotter is better for removing allergens in laundry”. American Thoracic Society. May 20, 2007. 

^ J. D. Miller, A. Miller (January 1996). “Ten Minutes in a Clothes Dryer Kills All Mites in Blankets”. J Allergy Clin Immunol 97: 423. 

External links

Dust Mite Information – Allergies, biology, control measures and locating dust mites

house dust mites on the UF / IFAS Featured Creatures Web site

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The Fifth House

The House of Children, Intelligence and Competition


In Zodiac, Leo is the 5th house in the horoscope. We have already discussed separately about the characteristics and traits of Leo persons. Now about the 5th house.


The 5th house represent children, intelligence, morals, love and fortune, pregnancy and all matters about pregnancy, facility and sterility, conception, knowledge of future (astrology etc), sports and ministry of welfare etc (HRD), position in life, emotions. Body parts attributed to 5th house are liver, and some attribute heart also, belly intestines.


Now, in this write-up, we shall mention about the effects of 5th lord when placed in various houses i.e. from Lagan (first house to 12th house). In this case, Leo’s lord is the Sun and if the Sun comes in any of the 12th house, the effects shall be different. Now know more details about the 5th house and 5th lord.


Fifty Bhava (House) signify, among other, intelligence, father, atma, discrimination power, children, fame and position competition activities, love affairs, lottery, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra-tantra, high learning and wisdom, enormous riches, spiritual practice.


If the lord of the 5t occupies the 3rd the 6th or the 12th and is aspected by malefics, the person’s children die early.


If the Sun is in the 5th house and is badly placed, the father will die. If the lord of the 5th house joins favorable planets, the persons gets many issues.


If Jupiter becomes lord of the 5th and being powerful is aspected by the lord of the birth, the persons will have children.


If the 5th as well as its lord are placed between evil planets and Jupiter is in company with malefics, there will be loss of children.


If all the malefics occupy the 4th or id all of them occupy the 12th, the 5th, the 8th and Lagan the person’s family becomes completely extinct.


The person will have piercing intellectual if the 5th house is between beneficial planets.


If Saturn is in the 5th, or aspects the lord of birth or Jupiter, there will be brain derangement.


If the lord of the 5th is masculine, joins a masculine sign and combines in a masculine navamsa, the first-born child to the native will be a male.


If the lord of the 5th joins a female sign with a feminine planet and combines in a feminine navamsa, the first born baby will be a female.

Now we discuss the effects of the 5th lord placed in various houses. The results would be modified as to how the 5th lord is aspected by malefics or benefices and the power of the 5th lord including with reference to rising degree and Nakshtra etc.


Lord Of 5th Bhava (5th House) in :-


First – Good Children, learned in Shastras, intelligent, thinker clever.


Second – Wealthy, famous, gains from speculation, lottery etc. (For loteery the conjunction of lord of 11th in second or his aspect on the lord of fifth in 2nd is necessary). He has many children, looks after his family and is loved by his wife.


Third – liked by brothers but backbiter, miser, selfish. This is not a good position as far as the native is concerned as the 3rd house is dusthana (bad house).


Fourth – Happy, father and mother long lived and prosperous, intelligent, minister, but few or no children because fourth is 12th to 5th and therefore, a house of loss for the 5th. It gives good results in other respects because the lord of 5th being the lord of trine is posited in a Kendra which is an auspicious house and from there aspects the 10th house, the house of profession and honors.


Fifth – Happiness from children, clever, intelligent, famous. Here the lord of the 5th is in his own house. Therefore, all good results of the significations of this house may be expected.


Sixth – Enmity or quarrels with his own children or childless, or adopts a child.


Seventh – Respected, happiness from children, charitable, good for conjugal life.


Eighth- Few Children or no children, asthma patient, loss of peace of mind, short-tempered, unhappy.


Ninth – Son becomes famous, high officer, minister. He is wealthy happy, author, famous and brings good name to his family.


Tenth – This is an excellent position for the 5th lord. He becomes wealthy, holds high position in government or otherwise, gets name and fame; but few children.


Eleventh – This is also a very good position. When the lord of a house aspects his own house particularly from an auspicious house, the aspected house get strengthened and gives good results according to its significations. The native is wealthy, famous has children, popular, highly intelligent author and powerful.


Twelfth – Loss of children or child-ness or adopts a child. This is a bad position because the 12th house is the house of loss for the native and it is 8th from fifth house. It may be noted here when the lord of a house is in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th from his own house, the significations of that house suffer. This principle is of great importance and should always be kept in mind. The exception to this principle is that when the lord of house is in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th from his own house; but that house is an auspicious house, the significations of the house will suffer, but predominantly good results will be seen. Thus lord of 5thgives good results to the native if he is in 10th house which is 6th from 5th, as the 10th is a very powerful and auspicious Kendra house.

Dr. Shanker Adawal, Jyotishacharya in Astrology is a professional and Astrology is his passion and an urge. His predictive technique is based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and doctrines have been deciphered from research of above two decades . He is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD. and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his presnt assignment. He has travelled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions which can be given to the science of astrology.

Mandurah House Painter

How to find a good painter in the Mandurah area

So you have decided it is time to bring in a professional to paint your home. Whether you are doing the inside or outside there are many things to consider when making this important decision.

Steps to finding a good painter:

1.)Check to make sure that they have a contractor license.
2.)Get two or more references.
3.)Ask how long they have been in business.
4.)Get at least one other bid for the job to make sure they are not ripping you off.
5.)Find a painter that will give you pricing for small jobs over the phone.
6.)Get flat rate estimates so you know the total you will pay beforehand.

The best place to start asking about painters is your family and friends. Other good sources of referrals include contractors, real estate agents and your local paint supply store. Your city may even be able to provide a list of recommended painters who are familiar with the codes in your area. When asking for referrals, be sure to check the type of job the painter was called in to accomplish. Also, determine if the painter specializes in residential or commercial work.

Some good questions to ask:

Were you happy with the quality provided by the painting contractor?
Everybody has their own ideas of quality, so you should take a look at their house and judge for yourself. Pay attention to cut-in areas around doors, windows and trim. Are the lines straight and was caulking applied. Interior or exterior doesnt matter; proper surface preparation always leads to better, more pleasing results.

Did the painting contractor protect non-painted surfaces or areas?
For exteriors this includes concrete, roofing and plantings. For interiors moving and protecting furniture is a major concern but dont forget about the flooring. If a painter was sloppy with one customer chances are they will be sloppy with all of them. If you are left to clean up after your painter this will cost you more time and money and frustration.

Were they courteous and polite?
This is a very important consideration. The entire experience, from beginning to end, needs to be as stress free as possible. Plus if the house painter enjoys their job, the quality and attention to details will be better. The customers attitude can and will affect the entire paint job. Hopefully this will be the first question you ask. If the answer to this question is then do not go any further, you dont want to work with that person.

Is the warranty included?
If a warranty was included find out if it has a reasonable amount of time before expiring, 3 years is enough, and if it has any value. Simply stating a warranty isn’t enough. Get it in writing and understand its limitations! A good painter is happy to stand behind his warranty. Good paintersuse quality materials and know their level of expertise. If a painter will not offer a warranty this is a problem in my mind.

Get a free guide at MandurahHousePainter dot com

Soleinnovation is a reveiwer of consumer products and services this article about selecting a Painter and Decorator in the Mandurah and Peel Region in Western Australia.

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House Geckos

Get the Information About Your Leopard Gecko Free of charge Manual

Leopard geckos are in the southern elements of Asia, Afghanistan and mainly during Pakistan, and northwestern elements of India. They like dry humid locations which helps make perfect habitat for them. They’ve eyelids which make them quite different from other lizards. They are turning into increasingly the most sought after captivity pet inside the entire world.

They remained under rocks throughout the treacherous warmth from the desert land of Afghanistan, Iran and northwestern parts of India. These areas typically get pretty chilly inside winter months which force the leopard geckos in to hibernation. They’re nocturnal creature which means they sleep for the duration of the day and up at night time mostly to hunt for bugs. Leopard geckos are quite territorial so they do not reside with other animals.

Leopard gecko’s eating habits

They have a sharp sense of scent to help them hunt for meals. Most leopard geckos in captivity will not eat dead prey for they favored to catch their own. They’re insectivores their diet regime consist of insects, worms, spiders and grasshoppers. Crickets are their preferred since they are able to hunt them even of their enclosures. When meals is missing they have the capacity to keep fats of their tails which is really a very useful feature to possess inside the outrageous. Geckos go by way of the course of action of shedding their pores and skin after a month for adults and more frequently for infants. Additionally they eat the pores and skin that they shed which offer them with proteins and diet. Calcium and vitamin d3 are extremely essential for their diets. But exactly how they acquire calcium and vitamin inside the nuts are unknown for the most component. It truly is unfamiliar whether or not the amount of insects they consume like spiders, crickets, and moths support them get their nutritional vitamins and diet. But it is practically difficult to duplicate the quantity of insects they consume inside crazy so vitamins are typically dusted on their most delicious preys.

How leopard geckos defend themselves.

A leopard gecko has predators from the nuts like snakes, frogs, and foxes so their perception of sight and hearing assists them escape dangerous circumstances. Their outrageous and vivid pores and skin colour aids camouflage them from predators. The shedding from the pores and skin also assists in the approach it helps eliminate any scent left for predators to discover. They go under rocks, and burrows all through the day not just to steer clear of the scorching warmth but also to keep away from probable predators.

Leopard gecko has the capacity to detach their tail from their physique when in danger. They have smaller legs which enable when it comes time to flight. They will voluntarily drop their tail inside the attempt to have aside and help them get aside much quicker. Their tail will grow back again generally fatter than the prior 1. In very uncommon cases the misplaced of their tail will trigger them to get sick as well as destroy. Regenerated tail will usually retain their color patterns and lack the rigid high quality and shorter than a regular tail.

I’ve put together a guide or mini-course to get you began on rapidly and very easily caring for the lizard. It’s created to educate you all of the essentials on buying, preserving, and breeding geckos of all types.

Liam have been writing articles for nearly 2 years. Come visit his blogs more often for tips and advice that helps people with the interest for Pet Lizards and great passion and knowledge for Pet Lizards and all the different options & providers available in the market today. Find out for more info also here

Liam have been writing articles for nearly 2 years. Come visit his blogs more often for tips and advice that helps people with the interest for Pet Lizards and great passion and knowledge for Pet Lizards and all the different options & providers available in the market today. Find out for more info also here

Tenth House

The house of Business/ Progression/ Promotion/ Transfer and Means of Livelihood


1) The main problem for any native is to adopt a particular line of business and this problem start haunting parents and children right from the 10th class. As usual, the question that troubles the mind ‘ What I shall be a doctor, an engineer, an actor, an officer, marketing man, professional including advocate/ Chartered Accountant and so on. All this can be determined from the horoscope of the native. Apart from the 10th house, the Nakshtra in which one is born has also a major say in the matter. Some persons follow the business. Profession of their parents and few of them deviate from the ancestral line- all attributed to the planetary position at birth.


2) Tenth house of a horoscope is one of the main factors to be taken into consideration and the connection with Lagan lord and 10th lord becomes jointly responsible for the persons to follow a particular vocation. Here, discussion shall be made with regard to position of 10 lord i.e. the Planet owning the 10th house.


3) Tenth house, among other matters, become indicative of the following:


Occupation, rank or position, honor.
Commerce, trading and manufacturing,
Success, name and fame,
Nature of business/ profession (depending on the sign (rasi) of the 10th house).
Conduct, quality, inclinations for business/ profession.
Honorable living, teaching, father’s income profession.
Legacies of brothers (being 8th from 3rd house).
Friends and sympathizers coming in contact with one the malefic influence on the 10th house.
Father’s expenditure and losses (being 12th from 9th house).
Seat and seal of authority- day of a managing Direct, Chairman etc.
Foreign travels according to Dr. Raman, self-respect.
Karma of the native.
Profession (work) and honor as indicated above (for income and prosperity look to 11th house also).


4) Before giving any prediction about the profession/ business etc. of the native, one must study the general strength of the 10th house, 10th lord, the degree of the 10th lord and how it is aspected/ hemmed/ sandwiched by malefic and who are the occupants of the 10th house. It is seen that the placement of Saturn and Mars together in the house specially, if aspected by Rahu, the native gets to earning by lies, cheating, smuggling etc. however, this combination may improve by improve by powerful Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon. Not only that different yogas in the horoscope having a bearing on the 10th house may also be seen as the results shall stand modified.


5) Nakshtra of the planets in the 10th house and specially of the Moon, where ever it may be placed, must be seen to know about the exact line of business/ profession as each Nakshtra specially of the Moon can go a long way in determining the nature of profession etc.


6) The placement of the 10th lord in various signs/ house may also modify the results of the 10th house. For example if by sheer dint of perseverance the native may pursue a self- employed profession of independence and some of such natives may establish public institutions depending on the native of the 10th lord and Lagan Lord. If the 10th lord gets to 2nd house, the native makes lot of money and if under the influence of malefics by wrong means also. If the 10th lord is connected with 3rd houses, career etc. similarly, with 3rd houses, career etc. similarly, with the placement of 10th lord in other houses, result stand modified as per signification of the house concerned.

Dr. Shanker Adawal, Jyotishacharya in Astrology is a professional and Astrology is his passion and an urge. His predictive technique is based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and doctrines have been deciphered from research of above two decades . He is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD. and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his presnt assignment. He has travelled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions which can be given to the science of astrology.

Special Green House

House designers are tired of monotonous residential style, they choose a unique-shaped and environment-friendly design. Concept of sustainable development is reflected in choosing materials, designing and installing.Why the Most Expensive wedding flower girl dresses for January are So Ungainly?

Free spirit tree house: This house hanging in the trees reflects the designers` imagination. Get Ready Fast âeuro[ Quick and Easy Ways for formal dresses The main materials come from the local materials, which mostly comprise of the timber in the local forest. The tree house which can swing in the wind is very suitable for the groups who take some activities such as meditation, photography, sky research, tourism and leisure and wildlife leisure and so on. Some tree houses can be rented. Or it is also available for customs to build a tree house on their own. The house can be installed with indoor piping, electrics and equipments to prevent sound and heat.

Nautilus House: This kind of house, built in 2006, is located in Mexico City. Javier Sensonian, an architect, calls it [bio architecture”. In addition, Sensonian also designed other shapes of such houses like snakes or whales. The owner of this Nautilus house is a pair of young couple who are nature friendly. There are lush plants around the house, which is to their wish, and the gate of the house is hidden behind.

Steel house: the steel house located in the cliff of Texas State of USA will leave an unforgettable memory on you, and the designer expects that the house should be something between animal and machine. In addition, the designer designed four legs for the house, in order to reduce the bearing force on ground. Steel materials are durable and recyclable so that they are frequently used in roofs by environment friendly architects. The interior design of this steel house may not be perfect in practical use, but its idea is of much creativity.

House with sliding walls: This house is located in Suffolk County, England, it is designed by London dRRM Architects construction company. Its idea is very flexible, which allows the owner to make full use of light and temperature to further maximize energy efficiency by passive heating and cooling. All of the house walls, which weight 20 tons, can be removed within 6 minutes, exposing the key body of glass, just as striping a layer of clothing.

Barn Reformed House: This house with an area of 168 square meters is located in Woodland, Utah, which was completed in 2006 and rebuilt by two linked barns. With its unique geographical location of the Pu Luowa flowing alongside, the house makes it easy for people to make close contact with nature with the help of its giant windows and balcony.

Stone house using solar panels: Located in Colorado, this is the mansion of Amory Lovins, who is the founder of Rocky Mountain Institute. As the installation of passive solar, 4.8 m thick walls, windows with xenon gas and wood stove, the electricity per month of the whole house is just 5 dollars.A lot of solar panels are installed on the roof. In the courtyard there is a passive greenhouse growing a tropical fruit. This house has preceded everywhere in aspect of energy conservation since the beginning of completed in 1982, and recently adopted environmental protection measures such as light-emitting diode and the latest energy monitoring technology.

222 house: finished in 1994, it seems to leave the vague footprints in the southwest sea shore of Wales. It is in the weeds and beans cong jing, coverd by plants in the roof and around. The bathroom and the kitchen are small blocks of building made in other places and hang here. The natural heat preservation ability of the ground makes the house very energy-saving.

Bubble castle: situated in Cannes, a southern city in France, its construction was begin in 1975. It imitates some scenes in the film [Star Trek”. The light is adequate enough, because the designer aims to take full advantage of the Mediterranean sun to windows. The concept of designer also will integrate with the surrounding, rendering the the outdoor elements into the interior. The castle has one outdoor auditorium, a huge garden, and a reception hall that can contain 250 persons. In addition, 10 rooms were decorated by different artists.

House Hopping

Adolescent years are a challenge. For everyone involved. Young individuals searching, yearning for their independence though not yet prepared to manage the cost/benefit scales of life. Crazed parents hurt by their child’s sudden rebuttals and scared by both their loss of control and their child’s inability to make consistent good choices. These years are typically speckled with yelling matches, sulking, door slamming, grounding and aren’t often remembered as the glory days. I’m sure we can all remember wishing we could just run away, with only the thought of living on the street and having no money keeping us home.

But children of divorce uniquely have another option. They have somewhere safe to run. Somewhere that is also considered home. Their other parent’s home. And almost every single child of divorce that I know, including myself has done the house hop. For the child, it’s a logical solution. Most likely it has been important to both parents for them to feel the other parent’s home was their home too. So if their current residence isn’t satisfactory, why not try the other? It’s certainly not as tumultuous as moving in with grandma or an aunt. Much better than living in a gutter somewhere. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to live with a biological parent. Either one of them.

And so the question gets posed. Can I come live with you? But the answer can be tricky. A catch twenty two. For the other parent doesn’t want to say ‘no’. What would that say to their child? A rejection. It would say ‘no, I don’t want you. You don’t live with me and there’s a reason for that.’. But what does ‘yes’ say? It says ‘sure, don’t try to work out your relationship issues. Escape is a perfectly acceptable solution to conflict. So come live here instead.’. How can a parent win? How can the child?

Co-parenting. Pure and simple. Because teenagers are rash. Parents living with teenagers become overwhelmed. And that leaves only one role available to relieve the situation. The moderator. Decisions made out of anger or resentment are never wise and decisions made by teenagers are rarely well thought out. Someone needs to be the voice of reason. Someone not directly involved in the battle but who’s opinion is also valued. And the other biological parent is in the perfect position to take on the job. But as I’ve mentioned before, co-parenting isn’t easy.

And the role of moderator is difficult even by co-parenting standards. Made more difficult if relations with their ex spouse are tenuous or if they have an underlying self interest in custody. And the level of difficulty only increases if they have never had the experience of parenting, really parenting a teenager themselves. But moderating is vital to teaching the child how to positively deal with problems in relationships. Their sense of conflict resolution may already be based on a model of severance or withdrawal due their own view of their parent’s divorce. And it should be vital to any parent not to reinforce that. It’s a pattern they don’t want established. Once the crisis has been moderated between the child and parent, then both parents can discuss the custody agreement with each other. If both are in agreement, changes can be made. For although there is debate among professionals on this topic, I believe that custody issues should never rest on the shoulders of children.

I am still haunted by my own experience with doing the hop. Thirteen hundred miles and a complete breakdown in co-parenting escalated the situation to a level it never needed to go. But as I look around at my ACOD friends, it is rarely such a dramatic event. Just another strange reality in their line up of strange realities. I hopped twice. Once from my mom’s to my dad’s, then from my dad’s to my mom’s. I’ve seen some hop from just once. Others over and over; back and forth. I still carry the guilt of my hop with me. The typical child of divorce. Responsible for everything. Wondering if it was my job to be the moderator instead of the teenager.

House hopping will happen. As long as the decision isn’t made as a means of escape, I don’t really see the harm. Parents should understand that it’s not personal. Look past the pain and realize that it is simply a teenager finding one more way to exercise their independence. It may not be something that your peers with nuclear families have to endure, but your child doesn’t live in a nuclear family. So take solace in the knowledge that your child loves you. Will always love you. Even if they are a little house hopper. I mean really, why shouldn’t a child of divorce get to experience living with both of their parents? The other kids get to. They just don’t have to move to do it.

Carolyn is the founder and primary author of her website As a nearly lifelong child of divorce, she has a profound understanding of what it means to grow up with divorce as well as a gift for writing about her related feelings and experiences. With strong opinions regarding both how divorced parents should conduct themselves and what children of divorce need, she is always striving to provide insight to all involved.