The House Of Brioni

Brioni has been one of the top men’s fashion houses for over fifty years. So exactly what is it that keeps Brioni on top? Brioni is a house that is rich in history, values and traditions and yet they are still able to set trends and styles and have a modern classic look that make them the one truly elite name in men’s haut couture.
Unlike most men’s labels, the name Brioni is not the name of the designer. The name actually comes from the Italian name of an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The house of Brioni was founded in 1945 by Nazareno Fonticoli and his partner Gaetano Savini.
Almost immediately after forming, they began to gain the attention of the world. Among their accomplishments, they were the first to have a runway show of men’s tailored wear in 1952, which was held in Florence Italy. Later, they made headlines again by staging a men’s runway production in 1954 in New York. By the mid fifties, they had attracted the attention of Hollywood and many famous celebrities including Clark Gable and John Wayne, whom both went to Brioni to buy their suits.
Brioni has led the way not only in its marketing, but also in its choice of materials and fabrics. They often choose softer wools, which include cashmere and silks into their designs. However, these are not the only things that have led Brioni to the top of the industry.
Brioni is world renowned and best known for their attention to detail and strict adherence to traditional values and impeccable tailoring. They are one of the few places where you can buy a genuine bespoke men’s suit. Yes, many stores and designers claim that they do bespoke, but what they actually do is made to wear. There is a big difference in the two methods. With a bespoke suit, a suit is not only made to fit the customer, but is designed to the customer’s needs and desires. Not a piece of cloth is cut until the tailor has not only the customer’s measurements, but also their tastes and lifestyle. A Brioni suit often has secret pockets and/or special flower buttonholes and other extras not found on other suits. Additionally, if need be, a bespoke garment may be sewn completely by hand. Ultimately, the result is that each Brioni bespoke suit is as unique as its wearer is.
In comparison, a made to measure suit is one that is made from an established design or pattern. The customer has the option of choosing the fabrics, but the design is not altered. The suit is then made and adjusted to fit the client.
Interestingly enough, Brioni operates its own school of tailoring. All Brioni tailors must attend the Brioni School and then spend an additional four years of work at the company before they are allowed to handle client fabrics.
All Brioni suits whether they are “made to measure” or are “off the rack” reflect the Brioni commitment to perfection. They always use the very best materials, and many pieces are still hand sewn. Therefore, any man who is fortunate enough to own a Brioni can wear the suit with complete confidence. He knows he is wearing the very best in men’s fashion.

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